Guitar Player Repair Guide

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Guitar Player Repair Guide

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309 pages | PDF | 29 MB

Whether you simply want to maintain your guitar or hot-rod it into a radical new incarnation, this book is the ideal guide. By the columnist of Guitar Player's popular Repairs and Modifications column, this comprehensive book is a must for any guitarist who needs information on beginning repairs through advance enhancements.

Dan Erlewine is undoubtably one of the great masters of guitar repair, but what really sets him apart is his willingness to share the techniques and tricks he's picked up over the years.

Too many books gloss over the details- "now attach the bind..." Atach it? How? To what? WIth what glue? The reader is left wondering, and eventually gives up or tries hit and miss to figure it out.

But Erlewine takes you through the whole process step by step, assuming nothing. He'll show you how to replace a bit of chipped inlay, or a cracked top, using tools you can buy and some you can make yourself as well.

Simply the best book for the beginner and the expert alike.

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